Wednesday, 16 June 2010



Our Gilbert and Sullivan show goes on in 5 and a half weeks. All my teaching career I have loved producing shows. It is the greatest amount of fun, and, of course, the greatest amount of energy output. This year I have craftily managed to acquire the help of two of my professional pupils to 'chorus master' and help with production or 'co produce'.

What a revelation that is. I have, prior to this show, only ever undertaken almost everything myself (does that make me a megalomaniac - if anyone answers that, watch out!), including playing the piano, blocking the moves, designing the set, and buying props on the internet etc..............and of course, the most important element of production - the SHOUTING ! Now I have two handsome, young, cool and energetic young men, willingly - note. WILLINGLY - assisting with all those utterly essential jobs which I am too old/tired/grumpy to fulfil, with their lively jollity and cheeky gags! I feel like an escaped prisoner, a school truant and a complete skiver, and it is great!

Shows are so binding when things go well, that is when one really sees the team element, and when the final burst of show frenzy builds to a crescendo, everyone's world lights up like a beacon. I know that for many performers the end of run depression can be a problem, but I look at it as my fully justifiable holiday, when I can sleep, and then gradually surface to see a clear and clean world. If we lived on the edge of that frenzy and adrenalin for more than a moment we would burn out very fast.

Stardom is a good word for the performing game - we burn brightly for a instant then the light snuffs out until the next time. My grandmother was of the 'don't put your daughter on the stage' squadron, and she thoroughly disapproved of my theatrical career ! I think she assumed it was all vice, sin and 'goings on'.

I think I missed that particular bus, it was more like advice, din, and 'hanging around'. Glamour - not really, Fame - for a few moments, Travel - up and down the M6 from Liverpool to Southampton in November !

But I would'nt have missed it for all the coffee shops in Vienna!

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