Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Aroma of Mozart

We have our pianist, safe and sound and ready to embark on the long Sunday journey from 'almost there' to 'we've got a show' !

I am going to be a few folk down as from today. One of our stalwart family groups will have to pull out at the last minute. A dreadful family bereavement has meant a sudden trip down south to, what will be a very sad funeral. That constitutes a very good and an utterly sad reason not to be at rehearsals.

There are still some last minute costume issues to sort out, a waitress apron for our 'Lyons Corner House' nippy Buttercup! I tried all over the town today - when I say 'town', I mean the capital of the Highlands which is 84 miles away - to buy a 'pinny' to no avail, so I may have to retrieve a needle and thread from my school sewing box and attempt a construction job!

My lovely 1920's Baden Powell Cub Scout however, now has his socks and lace up boots, so he looks like 'Just William Goes Camping', for those who remember the Richmal Crompton boy's novels about a naughty little school boy!

My little cub would make a perfect William, blond curls, angelic face, wicked streak and lots of fun. ''Crompton's best known books are the William stories, about a mischievous 11-year-old schoolboy and his band of friends, known as the Outlaws''
Our paradise William would give his right arm to belong to a a band called the Outlaws!!

On a summertime note, I picked the first bunch of my ancient climbing roses today. I have no idea what they are called, but the colour is an iridescent ice cream pink and white, and the perfume is like fragrant Mozart, which diffuses into every corner of the house and lifts the lowest spirits.

Tomorrow is the final 'everlasting Sunday' show rehearsal in my career to date. The show party poppers and streamers will be a perfect way to finish the 'production' side of my musical life.

Balloons, poppers, streamers ! What a way to bow out!

Lets party!

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