Friday, 30 July 2010

Happy Birthday and Thanks

Today is my daughter's birthday. She is on holiday with my lovely grandchildren at the moment, camping in France! I hope the rain stayed away !

She is also a singing teacher, who started in school, went on to perform in her teens and early twenties, then moved over to the dark side and chose to sing in a Soul and Blues Band. Aaaggh!

She is a fine singing teacher, and although she did not pursue her classical career, I often cite her as an example when I am faced with 25 tiny stage school starettes who shout as if their life depended upon it. She has sung in her belt voice but on the foundation of a great classical technique, and now will not let any of her under 18's use this dangerous area of a young voice.

It is a Godsend to me, and in my armoury of teaching weapons her 'story' comes in at number 1. I can honestly tell a hall full of blinkered but well meaning mothers and teachers that I have first hand experience of this most touchy element of 'child performing', and it normally stems the tidal wave of derisary comments along the line of 'she has no idea of what she is talking about - stupid woman' ! I am sure audiences think I am out to kill dead their darling daughter's stellar career.

If only they realised that I am trying to save it. Young vocal folds are not ready in any way to sing in their chest register, they cannot hold the weight of the force. So all that happens is above a fairly middle range note the poor old voice just gives up, cracks, and dies an ignominious death. A very good guide for a listener to make a slightly informed guess is:

' Does my throat feel uncomfortable when the singer tries to sing higher ?'

If the answer to that is yes, then it is NOT Belt voice, just shouting and imitating pop singing. I bow to the knowledge of teachers who specialise in Belt singing, they do it properly and at the right age, and it is very exciting.

Eternal thanks to my daughter for giving me the words to silence the 'poor' stage school crowd.

Well done to the 'good' stage school crowd who do it so well it blows your socks off!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you.............

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  1. Oh those dark side singers :)

    Happy birthday to the dark side daughter.

    viv in Dunedin