Sunday, 11 July 2010

Paradise Church

Paradise Church

I heard the wonderous Lachrymosa from the Mozart Requiem on BBC Radio 4's 'Desert Island Discs' today. It made me think about the reason I was racing so fast along the M40.

I am trying to make it home to a funeral on Monday morning at 10.30pm, but I have driven as far as I possibly can today, andd I think the possibility of being there in one piece is fading into the distance. The husband of a very good friend of mine in Paradise passed away unexpectedly last weekend, and as I was mostly tied down with work, and was too tired to open my laptop for a couple of days, I missed the emails giving me the news. I will be so sorry not to be with everyone in church tomorrow. He was an energetic and passionate church organist, and I know he will be sadly missed by all in the village and the church. We did disagree on the glories of Gilbert and Sullivan, so he was no saint, if you see what I mean, but I let him off that a number of years ago !

Some of the Paradise singers will perform the Schubert Sanctus at the funeral, and with any luck the hymns will be sung with all the gusto of an extremely refined, yet enthusiastic rugby crowd. If the singing is lousy I will ask searching questions!

A rousing goodbye to Jimmy.

If you please!

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