Thursday, 22 July 2010

Well Done

It was a great success, and as good an opening night as one could ever hope for. The the venue this evening is an excellent small professional theatre. It has however, the distinct disadvantage of being almost without acoustic for singers, the chunky, airline type seats are heavily textured, and the walls are covered in draped curtains. The theatre manager kindly drew back the said curtains to allow for a little more 'bounce', but even so every crotchet has to be worked for twice over, else the sound dies at ones feet!

This is tough, but not terminal for the bigger and more professional voices, but the younger and more delicate instruments struggle with feeling any feedback at all. In many ways it is rather like a recording studio! However, after a short 'team talk' before hand, simply reminding them that it was muscular support that was needed not pushing from the throat until the point of vocal death, they coped admirably and paced themselves beautifully.

It was a stroke of fate that the toughest call was the opening night. The result being that the usual first night wobbles were tempered with the need to sing more technically. Minds were less occupied with butterflies than usual!

The house was full, and I understand that every venue is now 'sold out' ! I am so thrilled, the show will really rollick along with bursting audiences, and maybe even 'standing room only'! Actually I stand all the time! Sitting is not an option for me. I bob about and breathe vicariously and watch for any blips that need mentioning in the interval or at the end.

I had a bit of cum uppance last night. I was standing doing my usual 'bob' at the back of the stalls, behind the audience, completely engrossed in the goings on when a rather strait laced lady of 'a certain age' hopped out of her seat. She approached me with an ominous demeanour, pushed herself into my personal space - never a person's most endearing characteristic - and said in a stage whisper, 'You are in my peripheral vision and you are very distracting' to which I replied quite calmly, under the circumstances, 'I am the producer, and need to be here', to which she retorted 'I know! Please can you go away!'........I was a bit non plussed, so left with the loudest (and I have to say) most childish bang on the theatre doors, in the hopes I might further ruin her evening!

In truth, I was NOT that distracting, and anyhow, after all the work, the least a producer can do is to be able to watch the opener with fear, trepidation, relief and a certain amount of 'bob' ! I simply went up into the gallery and watched from the behind the cheap seats! They were much less demanding !

It flowed beautifully, the humour was almost all there, they left out the things they did not like from my producing - and I imagine they don't think I notice! Ha Ha!

But, once out there the theatrical world is their 'prima donna' oyster.

A hearty well done !

Onwards and Upwards!

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