Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Another Day

So what does a singing teacher do when she is on holiday?

Today I transported a large pile of large logs from outside into the barn to fully dry out for the winter time woodstove and living room fire.

I organized almost overdue House Insurance and almost fainted at the rise in cost from last year, and that was trawling around for the best deal. I hoovered and 'Sprung' cleaned upstairs.

Then I sat down and watched a slightly trash film on daytime TV......she said, knowingly damning herself to the lowest rung on the blog reader culture counter !

Clearing my head of crotchets, quavers, and chords is having the hoped for rest cure, and the days are now largely 'harmony free'. I love it - because that means in the not too distant future I will begin to crave those very harmonies, thus beginning the long clamber out of the valley of melodic hush and up onto the mountain peak of glorious, although sometimes imperfect song !

I am going away for a few days next week to stay with my youthful soprano duet partner (of the psychedelic twin dresses!), and will spend an evening with her choral group giving them a swift 'going over' in respect of some highly complex partsongs they are using in a competition in November. In return for the peace, calm and quietitude of their beautiful and sequestered Yorkshire estate, I will burst into action for an evening of hard graft, hard singing and hopefully, some pointers for their performance.

No rest for the wicked !

Am I bovvered?

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