Sunday, 15 August 2010


I arrived home this evening after a gloriously sunny drive, and the most exquisite sunsets by the time I got to within 50 miles of the magic bridge.

Radio 4 is my aural pastime on long journeys, or the radio shared with silence, that wonderful ear healer! Today however, I am rested and stress free after a lovely holiday, so I could quite easily take a massive dose of Gardeners Question Time, and Pick of the Week!

We hit Glencoe just as The Archers was beginning so I missed the further doings of Ambridge! Ah well there is always the repeat at 2pm tomorrow!

I now have another week before I begin my term, to prepare and get myself back into gear. Here in Scotland the school term begins a good 2 weeks earlier than in England and Wales, but then as they broke up for summer at the end of June/beginning of July it all evens itself out in the end.

I need to do some filing in the music room and begin to rethink music for the coming few months, for exam candidates, concerts and fun.

At some point in the week the music room will begin to draw me, and I will spend a few minutes being engrossed in 'new' music, and each day the minutes will grow until I feel ready to take up the sword again, and ready myself for the Battle of the New Term!

Once again,
Onwards and Upwards....well after a few more days of lazy nothingness.


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  1. We are 4 weeks into term 3 here and I am an official kindy reliever now. Thats me who vowed never to have to deal with children under 5! Whats more - I actually enjoy doing this. Maybe I've hit senile decay :)

    viv in nz