Sunday, 1 August 2010


Holiday is such a decadance in this world of work work work. I have worked and lived at such a fast pace for most of my earning life, it is easy to forget that doing nothing, or 'time to stand and stare' is in itself of the highest value. It is how we recharge our batteries, work out what the next life step is, and let the old brain detox.

It takes more and more time for me to reach that stage of relaxed, contented and fully operational brainwaves: up til now they have been like a slowly subsiding tsunami! I used to be up and running after 2 or 3 days at the end of a term/show/competition etc. now it is more like a week. I awoke today feeling mildly alert, and with some eager anticipation for the day!

The turning point in the whole recovery process is when I start to consider the possibility that it would be quite nice to see, and chat with my cast ! Sorry guys ! That is meant as a fat compliment - after all I have known many producers who let it be known in no uncertain manner that if they saw their singers, even at a distance of 25 laps of the stadium, within the next millenium, it would be too soon ! So you see - a week is a teeny weeny drop in the ocean in terms of 'time to next sighting'!

I have begun to hum tunes which have nothing to do with Pinafore - now there's a thing! I am looking forward to watching the DVD, which I am told is very good, (although that was by one of the principals !) and I can eagerly waltz down to my local supermarket, where I know I will meet lots of smiley folk, and half my cast!

What tunes have I been humming?

Silent Worship - Handel
Waly Waly - folk song (every county and country has a version!)
Theme tune from 'Chariots of Fire (OK it must be the athletics Da Da Da Di Daaaaa Daa )

Did I say I had brainwaves working ?


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