Friday, 24 September 2010

A Personal Day

It has been a beautiful day. Sun, breeze, gentle autumn warmth without the harsh heat of summer. My favourite weather really, you can do everything you want to with ease and a sense of brisk cheerfulness, but the fire is still an evening requirement! I have central heating, but I prefer the live heat of a real wood fire. In the depths of winter both the open fire in the living room and the wood burner in the kitchen will be on, but keeping them both stoked and running is a hefty job when I am teaching for longish stretches of time. I think I need what in Victorian parlance was called a 'tweenie', a young apprentice parlour maid who worked between the 'upstairs' and the 'downstairs' keeping the fires sizzling and happy, and thus the inhabitants equally so!

When I am at home, Friday is my complete day off from any teaching, unless there is a very serious and pressing reason why someone needs a lesson, and even then I feel a little reluctance. It is my ear rest day, my 'counselling free' day and when I like to do something for me!

It exactly my equivalent of the 'me time' lessons which are so high on the priority list of some of my lady pupils - a quid pro quo if you like!

Today I enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a local, and fine I might add, restaurant, with a good friend, and mother of one of my pupils. If you have visited this part of the world you may have sampled Cullen Skink, a divinely thick soup made, as far as I can tell, from smoked fish, potatoes, onions and thick cream. It is like eating savoury silk, the creaminess is to die for, and I don't think I will ever become bored of it.

A warming bowl of said Skink and a couple of mansized slices of their own homemade bread is manna from Heaven, and follow that with a Peach Melba and you could leave me to die on the roadside a full time resident in a blissed out moment of culinary happiness. My friend is more of a chocolate freak, so after her Skink, she had Baked Chocolate Mousse. Now forgive me all you choccie obsessives, but chocolate does not do it for me at all, yet even I felt the danger of a small moment of surrender when I sampled a tiny teaspoonful.

I followed that by having a Deluxe Pedicure at a local Beauty Parlour. An hour of pampering, warmth, heavenly smells, creams and potions to allegedly, make my tootsies soft and alluring ( Ha Ha Ha ), and I came home a new woman, and ready to face anything!

I am so sorry, but not a crotchet has passed through security to my brain today, neither has a song lyric assaulted my outer or inner ear, so today's blog is entirely a 'song free zone'.

Still it shows that basically, I am just a normal person and not a 'voice first' kind of musician.

Person first. Always.

I read this and liked it.....

“We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.” – Mary Ellen Edmunds

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