Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Not the Life for Me

It's a funny old world out there. I forget how alien it all is in cities, how noisy it is, when I am used to almost complete silence outside my house, and most of all how bright it is with constant flourescent lighting, that flashes and twitches on and off, so there is never any dark. I left a deep dark night time Inverness at 7am, and arrived at a bright and frenzied Manchester at 8.20am.

It serves as a salutory reminder why I stopped doing it! I can see the 'glaze' in travellers eyes, and I hear the constant sound of piped music, so badly out of tune that it must be fifth rate session musicians - and believe me, top rate session players and singers are stellar and do a fantastic job, for which they are not paid enough! I visibly winced at the half scream/half warble of the Titanic theme tune, definitely not sung by Celine Dion, but by a woman who needs not only her tonsils but her veritable vocal chords removed with no anaesthetic. Soooooooo flat!

Having a coffee in a Ritazza at the airport whilst waiting for my train, I sat next to two businessmen, one doing a sterling job of selling some kind of extremely expensive software to the other, who was clearly a successful and well off chap who was either the owner or the Senior Something in his business in the city.

It is moments like that when I thank the Lord for my job ! My lovely, person oriented, artistic, and generally happy job. I began to feel shell shocked by the conversation (not, you understand that I was ear wigging!) when we moved from

...'strategic business logistics which rely on your core business assets, which give value added personell opportunities...' via ...'the exponential rise in your worker responsibility ratio, combined with a zoo diversity....'

At that point I felt a hot flush coming on, and almost ran for the hills. Can you believe that anyone understands this 'gobble a chook'? (delicious word, care of Baldrick in Blackadder Goes Forth !)

And I think singing teaching has a complicated jargon - it is a positive nursery rhyme by comparison with the managerial clever speak which was spouting forth from the smart, bespoke shirted guy with the iPad.

Roll on Llandudno and a bit of sanity.


  1. Computer techie talk is just as bad and I have a houseful of them - husband, both sons!

    viv in nz

  2. You poor thing ! My daughter, thankfully is not techie at all - I am more up to date than she is ! Business talk really gets my goat though!