Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rolling Cupcakes

Well, what a disaster! My preferred Costa Coffee, free WiFi, all singing all dancing hostelry has had the audacity to close for 2 whole weeks, pending a refurbishment! Did anyone consult me, did the 'powers that be' forget that I use it regularly, and I would be travelling South today, and returning on monday ?

No they flippin' did'nt. Heads, and cupcakes will roll !

I have been forced to stop at another, where the Wi Fi 'does not work today madam', so my trusty old dongle has to be used for a slower Vodafone Mobile signal. This is SO out of order, my life and journey have collapsed.......................

How sad am I?

There is a sad looking businessman sitting two tables away, bereft, with a dark laptop poised on the brink of use, only to be foiled by the dismally disappointing signal problem. I feel rather smug that I have one, and he keeps sneaking a look at me in desperation. I feel like sending him a sympathy ecard, except, of course, he can't pick it up !

The weather has been amaxing today. When I opened my curtains this morning there was a glorious rainbow over the Bay, then as I travelled further South the heavens opened and the traffic came almost to a stop around Stirling, then the sun came back with a vengeance just prior to black clouds and hurricane winds halfway down the M74.

Now, in this strange and alien Costa (though is it really a Costa, or some other dimension universe, and am I caught in a gravametric timewarp? )

OK, I have now lost the plot. A strong coffee is healing the failing parts of my brain, and in a moment my journey towards Yorkshire will 'resume normal service' !

There are 2 singers in the concert on Sunday, L I heard on Tuesday in his lesson, but N has been ill, and I have not heard her sing since HMS Pinafore ! Fortunately we have Saturday to rehearse, and she is so deliciously normal, and quite without the hang ups and worries of a singer, I am certain she will sing beautifully and do herself justice.

The time has come to move.

My poor co - coffee drinker is darkly inconsolable, but will, undoubtedly survive until he reaches the next Costa Coffee and finds the WiFi quite recovered.

Maybe it is aversion therapy ?

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