Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Parrot who loved Vivaldi

And so the weather goes on, and the dark nights. We really feel the clocks going back here. Much more so than the South of England where I lived for so many years. We are so far North, it makes the morning take so long to wake up so to speak!

Hurrah ! my mega mezzo has her voice back, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief! She hugged me after singing a few scales and realising it was all there, in full bodied sound and that she was feeling as bright as a musical button! She is waiting for a date to have her tonsils removed, and that date seems to keep getting pushed later and later. They say that it will now be the end of Dec or beginning of Jan, personally I hope it will all be done and dusted by March - which gives the NHS a good leeway!

It was so satisfying to hear my musicroom rocking with the resonance from her huge and exciting voice. One does, after a prolonged period of illness, begin to think that one's voice will never return, and I think she was really quite desperate about it. No worries, however, it is still there, intact and in great shape.

Another pupil came this evening, a lady who sings with such joy and affection. I gave her two new songs which I know she will take away and relish! She showed me a fabulous clip of the parrot she and her husband are 'sitting' at the moment. He was singing a short phrase from her 'Domine Deus', which for all the world sounded like an aging and over confident soprano. I have asked her to try and take some more clips. It was extraordinary. He copies her when she is practising, and in the very short clip, made the most amazing human vocal sounds which even had a touch of vibrato !

I read an incredibly funny book not so long ago called 'The Hamster who loved Puccini', by Simon Hoggart, which is a compilation of all the worst and funniest of the dreaded 'family newsletter' to be sent at Christmas for the delectation of cousins, aunts and great uncles whom one never sees. I now feel sure 'The Parrot who can sing Vivaldi' could become an even greater best seller!

There you go K, make a million!

PS If he gets too good of course, I could become redundant. Luciano Parotti.....................

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