Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Light Bulb Moment

My young baritone L bowled me over today. I gave him his first 'grown up ' music a few weeks ago and because of the snow have not actually seen him for the last two weeks. Well clearly he was beavering away at the new and exciting repertoire and came for his lesson today and performed a small but quite breathtaking 'Vecchia zimarra' from La Boheme by Puccini. You may remember I mentioned it when I gave it to him, with a reference to another young pupil from eons ago, who caused a smile over the way he introduced this aria where Colline bids a fond farewell to his coat, prior to selling it to buy for medicine for the dying Mimi.

Well, I think master L is completely hooked on the sweeping drama and glorious melody which is Puccini, he sang it with such gravitas, and such out pouring of emotion I was both shocked and delighted. His dark young Baritone rang around the music room, and for a brief moment the potential of this young man's voice was crystal clear.

That next step on the road, the push on to more challenging music, can make or break, or can press the musical 'on button', and light up a young talent for ever. This particular youngster loves Baroque music, and a foray into late romantic opera was like a Bedouin Arab relocating lock stock and barrel to Alaska ! Another world, another sound and another voice.

After his lesson I asked him if it made him (at last!) be thrilled to be a baritone, and not a second best to the Counter Tenor which he has possessed for the last 4 years.

The answer was a resounding " YES' !!! I love my baritone, and I love Puccini!"

It was one of those moments one cherishes, and which makes teaching so worthwhile. A moment when a fantastic light bulb flicks on and shines a bright and vibrant spotlight on a newly emerging talent.

A talent to be watched with great excitement.

Well done L ! Well done Puccini !

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