Friday, 28 January 2011

Laughter, the best Therapy

7pm for 7.15pm - Hurrah !

A lovely and relaxing day off today and then some of my lady students / friends who took and passed exams are taking me out for dinner at a superb restaurant this evening. In fact this has become something of ritual, and a deliciously pleasant ritual.

Getting together is a major ingredient of a good teacher / pupil / group relationship, and makes it possible for a much better musical cohesion in the long term. I like to teach 'people' rather than voices, and sometimes over the years I have simply been unable to make any connection with the personality, and thus I have difficulty in teaching in a holistic fashion, which is my preferred method!

I generally like people, so the openings are already there for a healthy learning environment, and even (as per the last post!) when one has to fight a little, if I feel I can connect and care about the whole person, teaching is a doddle!

Dinner, morning coffee, or an Indian takeaway, it does not matter what the get together moment is all about. Suddenly I become just another person and my pupils becomes just other people.

How the person 'ticks', is my musical sat nav direction into their own learning pathway. Sometimes I think I am part teacher and part therapist.

Actually if we get on as human beings, then I can only assume we get on in most ways. Anyhow, a gorgeous dinner and lots of laughter is better than any amount of therapy in my book, so looking forward to it immensly! Thanks in adavance!

PS Insurance update. Not really an update - if the loss adjustor does not get back to me by 4.45pm tonight it goes to the complaints department, and things progress in a different way - and hopefully a way which will mean I end up with SOME cash at least. It is 3.45pm as I write................and not yet.

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  1. Thats the sort of teaching I really like both giving and receiving. Hope the insurance gets done and your dinner is excellent :)

    viv in nz