Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Blood, Sweat and Crotchets

Excellent rehearsal tonight, and boy did they work hard! C has done a great job and they are really very secure with the parts of all the choral pieces. The Lord is My Shepherd (the one composed by Dawn French!) went very well, and the tricky parts are not too bad at all. There now needs to be some serious consolidation of each part, it only needs some learning at home from the singers of the inner parts. Nothing can replace simple 'slog', I am afraid ladies!

The other songs are not nearly so tricky, and I was very pleased overall. The finale from the Mikado, which we are using as our concert blitzy end piece is now on the way. C only introduced it last week, so those who were not in the show when we did it about 5 years ago, managed to keep up and really learn it tonight.

They managed happy smiles even at the end, and went home rosy cheeked and healthy looking. Singing really is a sport, and I realise I have said it before, but never fear, I will keep on saying it, until everyone in the company understands that something is only worthwhile if it is bought at some personal cost.

I always feel like I have been through a gym workout after a rehearsal, and the venue is very hot, so more like a full spa, sauna and workout indeed! I hope the singers feel as if they have worked out, given their all and got something back. Otherwise it is a good deal of hard grind for nothing!

Goodness we worked hard.

And so to bed........Voiceless........

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