Monday, 21 February 2011

Song School

Paradise Song School 2010
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Dancing Included!

It is 'On with the Motley' monday. Back in the saddle after a tired weekend. I thought I was catching the universal cold over the last few days, but thankfully it has come to nothing today so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does not make a late run. I have been so surrounded by ailing singers, breathing their plethora of germs over me in the music room last week, that it will be a small miracle if I do not succumb.

Five of my pupils are attending the Paradise Song School this year for the first time. I started it 4 years ago and was amazed how many folks came, from all over Europe, and of course the UK. They seemed to love the idea of combining singing with a 'holiday' in Paradise. I hold it at the Gaelic University which is on the coast in the most beautiful part of the Island, and about 15 minutes from me. The singers use the very up market uni halls of residence and have so enjoyed it that many are devotees who come every year. This year is is so popular that I have had to reserve 2 weeks, so in total 21 singers will be coming for intensive and enjoyable masterclasses.

My own students are really looking forward to it, but in the emotional mix is a good degree of fright! They will be so surprised how after singing on the first day all will be easy sailing after that, and they will start to enjoy themselves.

It is such fun, although hard sweaty work, especially the ensemble day where we often put moves and set the scene
if the musical choices are from operas or shows. I already have shedloads of ideas hurtling around my brain for some of the duets!!

Be afraid...................well not really!

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