Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Motorway Pie

Oh Dear......

Have been on the homeward trail today, the sun has been glorious all day, and only as I approached the mountains, was there a small glimmer of the white stuff. I hope it does not get worse tomorrow when I finish the last leg back to Paradise.

I am staying in a Travelodge as per usual, and the bed and such are impersonally fine, but the Moto restaurant has failed me on this occasion ! The so called steak pie had as much meat in it as an undernourished hamster and the pastry would have sat well in the founds of a new build house such was its density and resistance to a metal fork! The fresh fruit salad had a slightly suspect pale and interesting brown tinge, so half has remained in it's plastic coffin, for burial I hope . I am not a picky woman when it comes to travel fodder, and normally I pack a picnic so I can graze on something tasty which has not cost the best part of a small mortgage, but even I was hard pushed to eat my £11.97 's worth - Yes you saw correctly - £11.97, more than the cost of a singing lesson for my little 20 minuters, and not nearly so cute!

The time is around 7.30pm and the Costa Coffee section is closed - CLOSED I have to make do with a sweet and rather sickly primo latte from the serve yourself with 3 ladies not doing much area, from whence my not quite Michelin starred meal was lobbed onto the tray. Lobbed in much the same way as in that very funny series by Victoria Wood, Dinnerladies. ! I would have wolfed the whole lot as if it were caviar had the clever and sparkling repartee been of that standard. As it was the humour was about as funny as my steak pie !

Ah well, you win some, you lose some.
Home by the morrow..........................Ahhhhhhhhh....................

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  1. Pies are a bit like a lucky dip. Mostly you get sawdust! Sometimes you get a prize unexpectedly. So you keep trying just in case.

    viv in nz