Friday, 11 March 2011

Rest and Preparation

A restful day today, with just a little preparation for Basingstoke Festival on the morrow. I checked the distances from here to the festival venue and promptly wished I had asked for a hotel room for this evening, instead of offering to drive tomorrow morning. I will need to leave at around 7am !

This may not seem terribly early to all parents of small children, or commuters to the city, but remember I start at 9.30am and finish at around 9.30pm, and cannot lose concentration for one performance during the day!

I will report back over the weekend. I am expecting some fine singing, as I recognise some of the names in the programme.

Early bed tonight, and must make sure that I find the postcode of the venue so I can get in the car and travel relatively brainlessly to economise on nueron use.

Need all the help I can get these days !

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