Sunday, 5 June 2011

Salve Regina - Pergolesi and my iPhone 4

Dame Emma Kirkby - purity and peace......

I am feeling a good deal better now and have decided to try teaching tomorrow. I am feeling quite bored and that must be a sign that I am well and truly on the mend!

I have, over the last two weeks surprised myself a great deal. The background to this is that a month ago I switched my mobile phone carrier to Orange. I had, prior to that been with Vodafone for around 15 years. There is so little Vodafone signal in Paradise that having struggled even to send texts from my own kitchen I felt the time had come to vote with my feet!

So - I went for an Orange 'bundle' which supplied me, at very little cost, with a brand spanking new all singing all dancing Iphone 4 ! It really does do everything except make the tea, and I can foresee even that happening in the not too distant future!

The upshot of this is that in playing with it for the past weeks when I was largely bed bound or sofa bound, I learnt about the iPod 'bit' of the machine! I also learnt how easy it is to purchase from iTunes.....................well did I enjoy myself! I rarely listen to music, when it is one's job and one wrestles with Handel and Gershwin 6 or 7 hours every day of the term, the last thing I want to do is listen to more! Thus I spend most of my time enjoying BBC Radio 4 - all spoken word!

However, the iTunes store had so many wonderful single arias - thus I could pick and choose down to the bar number - I spent a delirious few hours choosing what I absolutely loved.

So what did I choose ?

Lots of Emma Kirkby =- notably the Pergolesi 'Salve Regina' three movements of heavenly sacred song, so pure and peaceful, combined with the magical voice of Dame Emma Kirkby.

Now for an anecdote : I was honoured to go to Buckingham Palace with my old singing teacher Middy, as one of her guests when she received her MBE for services to music. It was a wonderful occasion and although it was Middy's day, at the same ceremony Emma Kirkby was receiving her Damehood ! Talk about 'Trilling 2 'Songbirds' with one stone' - sorry for the terrible pun.

I recommend you give the Salve Regina a whirl - you cannot fail but to think you have died and gone to Heaven!

OK does anyone out there know how to embed a You Tube screen anymore - I tried 25 times but clearly something has changed!!! I wait with bated breath for someone to tell me how!

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