Thursday, 9 June 2011

Third Nocturne from the right, by Mozart

We have a concert next week, and thankfully the rehearsals have been taken by C my super duper young tenor. I have taught him from the age of 13 and now he is a father and is, for the moment settled in Paradise with the mother of his son.

It is funny how fate seems to manage things, had he not been around, this concert would undoubtedly have been destined for cancellation. He has whipped them into shape, assiduously taught the notes and words, and stamped his own musical mark on the repertoire.

For this concert a new set of pieces have been learnt, and I hope that I will be able to be at next Tuesday's rehearsal to hear what he has done with them. He phoned me from the rehearsal last week during the coffee break, and even though I was not firing on all cylinders, so to speak, I could hear the pleasure, and slight surprise in his voice, at the fact that the group all knew the music, were singing it really well, and that it was almost ready for performance ! Bless him! He is not, as yet, used to the journey from 'birth to maturity', and I hope, next Saturday he will feel that wonderful high of delight when he realises that 'he did that' !

Of course, the group have to put in the work, but in essence it would not be heading to fruition had it not been honed and moulded by a talented and energetic 'pack leader' !

Another wonderful piece on my iPhone ! I do hope that you are enjoying some of my choices !

I have always loved Mozart, and along with Handel and Bach, to me, life would be a shadow of what it should be without that brilliant trio of composers. We are performing one of the Six Nocturnes for Soprano, Alto and Baritone. I searched for a decent recording, and, Inner Sound, you will be pleased to hear that most of the recordings were not to my standard ! You will do it better! Anyhow, I came across this delightful Trio version. Enjoy.

It is in Italian, and you lot are singing it in German!

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