Tuesday, 26 July 2011


The running/swimming/jumping season is back with us, and as I type I am watching the Swimming World Championships. As a teenager I swam 50 yards front crawl for my county, so swimming has always been very close to my heart. Sadly by the time I was 16 it was decision time, and I had to make a choice between singing and swimming - actually there was no real choice, singing was always the gold medal winner in my head, but giving up so much swimming was hard.

People say to me that being a swimmer must have helped my 'breathing' for competitive swimming, but apart from the general fitness element, the breathing technique for singing is much harder, much more disciplined and yet much more relaxed.

Low and Slow for singing !

At the time I gave up all swimming competitions it was becoming increasingly obvious that the muscle work involved in front crawl was much to 'tough' for singing.

We need strong abdominal muscles to breath low and slow for voice technique, but above all we need flexibility, and not a hard 'six pack' - actually I have never in my life been any closer than a metaphorical 3,248 miles from a 'six pack', so no worries there then !

Looking at the screen I can see very well developed torsos, much muscle and enormous strength. Oh that a few male singers had such a perfect physique - but maybe these Adonis swimmers are tone deaf !

Well, it's only fair !

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