Monday, 22 August 2011

Lazy day

Throught the Round Window and into the Baltics.....

The sun has been shining almost all day today, and that is no mean feat when traversing the North Sea! We almost made up the lost hour and a half through the night by sailing fast and furious in calm seas. As it is we still will not dock until 12 noon tomorrow in Aarhus, Denmark.
At out 12 noon we have the lovely Captain Jan Thommasen daily update. (I say lovely, but I have not actually seen him, but have rather fallen in love with his dulcet tones over the ship's tannoy!) He was waxing lyrical about how glorious was the |North Sea, and how kind it was being to us today, and I must quote his actual words as they were not only poetic, but said with such feeling. He said ‘The North Sea is a wonderful friend, and today there is a gentle waltz between Boudicca and the waves’ - how’s that for a Captain!
I did read his biography today though, and guess what, his hobby is music and he plays the trumpet. At home in Oslo he teaches music to children – quite when I have no idea, as he must be away so much! Apparently he is known to bring his trumpet to the shows sometimes and play with the band! I wonder where he practises, and if it annoys a few tone deaf Minke whales? You can bet your life it would annoy a few passengers!
I had my Swedish Massage, and boy was it good. A very small Thai lady who looked as though a baby breeze would blow her over proved that size is deceptive. I was gently - ish pummelled for 60 minutes, using oils clearly designed to make one soporiphic and happy, (well it is cheaper that maruana, and not addictive, costly, but not addictive!), and I felt aches and pains roll away and fall in rivulets onto the floor, which was covered with orchids................................aaagh. The room was darkened, and there was a faint murmur of whale song which every so often metamorphosed into temple bells.
Suffice to say it was wonderful. Now all I need is a personal masseur to bring home!

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