Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sea Day

Sea Day August 24th
This was a slow and easy day, the weather was glorious and so the pools were in great use ! There was all the usual stuff happening which, to be honest is not generally what I come for, and the staff work so hard on these sea days, I think they are grateful when the ports come zooming around !
As the weather has got better and better with each day the layers of clothes that the guests are wearing has reduced. The ‘British, and barely used’ summer tops and shorts are suddenly brought out of dark cupboards and given a brisk airing for the first time in years! Even summer hats covered in sixties daisies and whirls are back in fashion, and for one time only, wives seem not to be embarrassed by sandels and socks !
There a few children on the cruise and one young man of about 10 is the son of the official photographer. He has been proudly wearing his father’s peak cap and sporting his silver rank badge. The crew are so jolly with him, and he swans into lunch and dinner for all the world like an undersized, but overly important captain’s assistant !
The Baltic Sea has been very kind to us so far, and another memorable quote from Captain Jan is worth another airing. He told us the ‘Although the sea is calm, the ship may still list from side to side, and even’ vice versa’ !!!’ He has missed his calling as a Gilbert and Sullivan patter song hero, I feel sure. He would, without doubt make a splendid Major General, albeit sporting a slightly off the wall Nordic undulation in the dialogue sections!
‘The Pirates of Oslo’ possibly !

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