Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A short break - service will be resumed as soon as possible

The Mackinnon Hospital - many Thanks !

Many apologies, but there will be a small break in my blogging. Today my elderly father was taken to the local hospital after a couple of bad falls, which means that my poor Mum who has dementia had to be taken to the nearby rest home for specialist care.

I am away working from this thursday until next monday evening, so life has taken a convoluted turn and suddenly I am in a different universe. One of doctors, social workers, carers and district nurses. A planet which is as foreign to me as the Gobi desert !

I will return next week, and hopefully things will have returned to some sort of normality.

I tried to explain to the district nurse, who clearly seemed to think that I should be able to postpone my work, that the nature of my work is 'live performance', and the prospect of making a quick phone call and suggesting that this weeks' concert, wedding, competition needs to be put off for a few days, was not a possibility - she still looked at me in a slightly disapproving manner, over the top of her spectacles......................guilt or what?

Well, the reality is that I cannot postpone my work, so that is that!

Life's twists and turns.

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