Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hark the Herald Angels Sing - after a long break

Well, it has been a long time since I have blogged, and I apologise to my readers who may have thought I had fallen off the edge of Paradise. Actually there have been a number of big reasons for my tardiness, including, I am sad to say the death of my mother. She went down hill very rapidly from July, and gave up her fight against confusion and dementia on November 18th. My father is now in the same Nursing Home where she was, and they spent about 3 months there together, although she did not really know us anymore. Alzheimers is a cruel disease. On the bright side however, she and Dad had 61 years of marriage ! Now that is something!

Other things conspired to make my Summer and Autumn very difficult, so all in all after my sanity, my blog was the biggest loser.

I have managed a little teaching in the last 2 weeks, and feel as though I am slowly returning to 'normal' whatever that is! Inbetween all of this and just before the funeral, I had a day of singing exams, which was wonderfully distracting in one sense, and something to be 'got through' in another. On the whole I am glad I just dug in and did it, and the results were fantastic! So many distinctions, and high distinctions at that, and everyone passed well, doing the best they cold possibly do, and you can't ask for more than that.

Some of the youngsters have been seriously motivated by their brilliant results, and I love it when one sees clearly the overnight turnround. Four of my youngsters excelled themselves, gaining 4 high distinctions and lots of new born self confidence. Since that day their growth has been like a rampant weed, unstoppable and all consuming.

Other news is that we are starting rehearsals for another Gilbert and Sullivan show next summer. We are going to tackle 'Patience', the storyline based around much of the absurdities surrounding the 'aesthetic' movement and Oscar Wilde. It is a great show, and I love the music, but it is new to absolutely everyone, which means they can't be lazy and rely on past memories or being joined at the hip with someone who has done it 13 times before!

Two of the exam flyers are taking on their first biggish roles, and our dancer L is playing Patience, after our long standing leading lady moved on to the Royal Welsh College in September, other singers have burst out from under bushels all over the place! It always happens, and less steely folk than myself find it hard to believe that 'so and so', our wonderful soloist will EVER be replaced........well in all my experience it has never failed to happen.

Christmas is just around the corner now, and after eating heartily at a friend's family lunch, I am flying South to spend a week with my daughter and grandchildren.
I am playing the organ at the midnight service at the local Paradise church on Christmas Eve, so I will get my injection of carols, of which Hark the Herald and O Little Town of Bethlehem, are my favourites. I hope they are on the hymn list, or I may go on strike!

I hope to get back to blogging regularly once again, so watch this space, and thank you for your patience!

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