Thursday, 29 December 2011

'Oh my Darling Clementine'

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosI hope everyone had a good Christmas, and did not indulge too much !

I have had a great few days so far with my daughter and grandchildren, we have shopped and played games galore! My 5 year old grandson was given the timeless game called Pick Up Sticks, which I played in the school playground as a child. I had forgotten just how hard it is, or I have developed an age related shake, or even that my eyesight is now too far gone to see the tips of each coloured stick, and where is lies ! Anyhow, they beat me into oblivion, experience did not save the day sadly!

My 8 year old granddaughter received some lovely gifts, as did my daughter, we were all very blessed with presents from far and near. My daughter's partner however, his present was an acoustic guitar! Now not many of you may know that as a very young teenaged singer I was a dab hand at the old 'geetar', and sang folk songs accompanying myself on the 6 strings !

From Scarborough Fair, to The Cuckoo, I entertained at old folks homes and hospitals with both school and singing teacher, with much under developed gusto !

I spent a by happy hour or so teaching him 3 simple chords and after a short practise he was playing a basic accompaniment to such classics as 'Oh my Darling Clementine' 'On top of old Smokey' and finally 'Cockles and Mussels'.

He was suitably delighted with himself and I was transported back to those days when with long Nana Mouskouri hair and black rimmed glasses I thought I ruled the musical world! Having said all of that, learning the guitar and strumming all sorts of songs and chord sequences made me a pianistic busker par excellence ! It was the best foundation for playing everything from Gilbert and Sullivan piano reductions to to Strauss Lieder, both of which are made possible for the enthusiastic yet slightly inadequate accompanist if one can find the chord sequence.

Good old Clementine, she did the trick !

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  1. I think musical stuff breeds! We are about to add a computer driven synthesizer with sampler abilities etc. My computer geek of an eldest son has turned out to be a whizz at that stuff. He got to do one at school and forgot to stop :) Two cd fulls later we think he might just have a use for this along with his formal piano and choir stuff. Heavy rock and Bach - now thats a combination!

    viv in nz