Tuesday, 24 January 2012

An early lovesick maiden, with a lusterous head of curly hair I think!

Another day another 10 songs!

A very busy day today and then another rehearsal tonight.

I may not have time or wifi to post in the next few days, but the lapse will be due to lack of technology, rather than my tardiness.

Tonight the feet will be all tripping when we finish the first chorus for ladies, and Twenty Fine Lovesick Maidens do they make indeed! We are giving them props, an embroidery ring with a flowing piece of fabric and some stiches, good for making arm patterns and for hiding behind! The men will all have Swagger sticks, actually for the moment, garden canes cut to the right length - I wonder if any lungs will be punctured as they learn to keep them under control!

Hope to report from the wonderful Poor Clares in Arundel in the next few days!

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