Monday, 30 July 2012

Our Wonderful Colonel

Another day at sea, mid Atlantic, where, we are told, the sea floor drops away to around 4500 metres, or almost 2 miles! It is hard to imagine that deep. The weather is, again so we are told, very good for the middle of the north Atlantic. Quite grey, sea mist, and quite calm. Our counter tenor captain told us that we were to make the most of it, normally we would be in 10 foot waves minimum, and 25 foot waves on a rough crossing. As it is the waves are peaking at a mere 4/5 feet !

It is S's birthday today, and as a gift I bought her a Thai Massage in the Canyon Ranch Spa. Not only can she be pummelled to death, but she can use the adult
only pool and steam room, but have a cole of child free hours!

Returning to the show and the sparkling principals, I simply must now say a little about our wonderful Colonel Calverley. Inner Sound have some wonderful friends from Warwickshire, and each year for the last 4 or 5 years, one of them, a wickedly funny bass baritone, A, has played the patter song parts in our shows. He is ebullient, full of life and a great hit with both the cast and audience alike.

Earlier this year A suffered a major stroke caused by high blood pressure. He was seriously incapacitated and lost the use of his tongue, his swallow and other bits and pieces so to speak ! I was aware of this tragedy months ago, but in my heart I felt sure he would get well, and recover enough to play the role! I am either very medically unaware, or rather dim witted, because I definitely did not realise just how serious his condition was !

He flogged himself to recover and rehabilitate, and never in all my emails with him, lost the use of his sense of humour!

Cometh the hour and cometh the man, and true to form he arrived hearty and happy to be in Paradise, and even more ecstatic to be alive!

Now, I have worked with A many times and, true, it was not his most bouncy and physical performances, but for me and Inner Sound it was his finest! It was bravery itself, full of perseverance and courage, and thus full of heart. Never have I watched him with quite so much admiration.

He was an inspiration to everyone, and if it is possible, brought him even more into the IS family.

We love you A !

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