Sunday, 19 August 2012

A new term starts tomorrow

The new autumn term starts tomorrow ! Where does the time go, it seems only yesterday that I was thinking about a long relax after finishing the show, and here we are starting all over again!

I need to sort out the pile of odd pieces of music which drift out from the neatly organised files, and which come into the 'might possibly use' category. By the end of every term I seem to accumulate these stray pieces, and that are kept piled one on another until I can find the time to re file them in the correct box.

I hate the job, as somehow there seems always to be one song or aria from every category, so I have to open each and every file to put one slender piece away. It takes AGES!

I had a super lunch today with some friends and students along with two lovely ladies who regularly frequent the Paradise Song School. They are here for a relaxing holiday and a couple of singing lessons ! We caught up on all the gossip, laughed, argued and generally had a great time. Middy always told us that you make the best friends in 'music', and she was so right. There is a bond which forms when making music with folk which can transcend those made on a more ordinary, or work level meeting of minds. I don't really know why, but perhaps when one is put in a more vulnerable position, or one has the fear is performing we learn to rely at a deeper level on our musical colleagues ? That means that we get to know others very well, hiding behind a politeness mask is not an option. Our fellow musicians see us, warts and all !

As quite a number of my pupils are still holidaying, my week will break me in gently, with some nice gaps which allow for lots of restorative tea and time for happy chatting. My day tomorrow will consist of the sweet J, a young lady with some learning difficulties and who always brings a ray of sunshine into my music room. She is followed by young H who played such an excellent drummer boy in Patience, and is always bright and breezy. After his oft riotous lesson his sister R who was a delectable Lady Ella arrives off the school bus, bursting for a cup of tea and a custard cream. She is so fast developing vocally it is like watching a flower grow with a highly speeded up cine camera. Then P, one of the friends with whom I lunched, herself a most accomplished soprano comes post workday. K will follow her, a mezzo from the Midlands, who is up for a break and some lessons. She and P will work out their duet repertoire for the 2013 song school, and I feel something which needs comic acting coming over me ! A. will follow them, champing for new repertoire and chiding me for not watering my outside pots! Finally it will be my pianist D, who always keeps me on my toes, and like all chaps, works with fantastic dedication when something is coming up, but limps a bit when no deadline looms ! He is exceedingly musical and has a tremendous keyboard facility and makes a refreshing end to my Monday.

No rest for the wicked then.

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