Friday, 3 August 2012

Lady Angela of Lower Breakish

A brilliant day today ! We saw whales flipping their massive tails in and out of the ocean and 100's of dolphins playing with the waves the ship makes as she ploughs through the water. They jumped out of the water, dived back under and flew out again in schools of 20 or 30 at a time. It took my breath away, and young W was utterly beside himself with rapture at the amazing sight. He thought they had come to play just for him as he wanted so much to see them. Each day he had his telescope set up in the cabin window looking for his dolphins!

The sea theme continued with lobster tails for dinner ! A tenuous link but the best I can manage after a large and utterly divine dinner........

One of the 'activities to miss' today was the Queen Mary Choir ! The atrium was turned into a choral area where popular ballad type songs, eg Hello Dolly, and Pack up your Troubles was the repertoire on offer! Sara and I pondered on having a sneaky
listen, but our conscience got the better of us, and we thought we might have a hard time keeping quiet, and not either huffing and puffing over the lack of vowel shapes, or trying to teach them to breathe properly. Discretion seemed the better part of valour!

Back to my team of principals....

We had an amazing Lady Angela. Not only was she absolutely delightful in both her singing and acting, but she managed to feed a 12 week old baby in the wings in between her entries and exits ! How about that for supreme professionalism!?

M, who is the older sister of our previous leading lady of many shows, R. She has always allowed herself to live in R's shadow with total acceptance of that role, but she is a clever and talented young woman in her own right and has a beautiful soft yet steely quality in her own performance.

She is always rock solid, although she would strongly deny that ! After giving birth to her gorgeous little girl, and child number two in the family, she returned to rehearsals, baby in tow, feeding when necessary, and playing the role with said infant sleeping in her sling as M sang!

She is one of our, no nonsense, utterly reliable members. Quite apart from the fact she has a big and warm voice, crystal diction and a great sense of musical style, she lends a honeyed warmth and affectionate personality to Inner Sound, something we greatly miss when she is not around.

She could have done more with her music, or her academic work had she so chosen, but she has all she needs and wants in her family, and seems supremely happy with her lot!

We are a nicer company when you are around M.


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