Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pudsey the Dog Triumphs over Adversity

There has been a run of gorgeous weather during the last 3 days. Unusual to have so much sun the captain says, and combined with the sea breezes it is a very comfortable temperature in which to wander around the deck.

It also means that the children can swim in the outside pools rather than the crowded top deck Pavilion Pool. Up there is a bar, table tennis and various bands play - so on the whole the outside one is a much better option!

I find it hard to believe how the depths below us change so dramatically as we cross the huge Atlantic ocean. Today, for example, we are at the moment bobbing on top of 4500 metres of water, an incredible depth, unimaginable and quite a freaky thought! How many fantastical and alien creatures are lurking in the layers of water from bed to waves ? At 6pm this evening however, we will be over a ridge and the depth will be just over 100 metres ! Maybe on a clear day one can see the bottom?!

I apologise to all my 'sailing' friends and pupils for my lack of nautical knowledge, but I was under the misapprehension that once we left Southampton the continental shelf fell to 2 miles down, and that was it, flat bottom ruled until the outer reaches of New York ! Obviously there are great mountain ranges under the sea.

The children were very happy last night when they heard that Pudsey the Dog and Ashleigh were appearing as part of the show! However, at the crucial moment all the lights went out and the show was cancelled!!! Pudsey, like the true trooper he clearly is, went on and performed via 3 microscopic desk lamps and a CD boombox the size of a undernourished matchbox! No dancers, no costumes, no glitz and jazz band, but the scruffy little terrier went on. Well done Britain's Got Talent winner!

Talk about coincidences - as some of my readers are aware, I loathe the formal evenings, the dressing up, the tiaras and tantrums, so when I cruise alone I only ever eat in the buffet restaurants or eat a la cabin via room service ! I did not go to dinner in the huge Britannia Restaurant on the evening we left New York, but the family did.

They returned after dinner and obligatory show, leaping into the cabin, hurling themselves on me and the suffering sofa, desperate to tell me that a lady on the table next to us knew me, and so did her husband and daughter....................

It turns out that the secretary of the Black Isle Messiah from Scratch and her family, including her daughter M who competes at the Inverness Festival, are with us on the NY to Southampton leg of our Roundtrip!

It truly is the teeniest of worlds.

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