Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sheep May Safely Graze...........

A strange thing happened yesterday. I was happily shopping at the local Co op when my mobile phone started singing it's little tune. When I took it from my bag it was my own house number ringing me. Now I have a clever little pooch, but perhaps not quite cunning enough to make a call to her owner!

Anyhow it was young R, who comes each Saturday to clean the cottage and generally take care of holidaymaker client changeover day for me. It seems she had been, for a few minutes working away, had come through to my part of the house to collect clean linen and as she walked into the kitchen, the dog flew like a Kami Kazi pilot into the music room. Poor R realised something was amiss, followed her into said music space to be faced with the dog and a large and extremely muddy lamb in mortal combat by my photocopier!

Clearly a door had been left open and the normally lazy and slightly bored lamb had felt the need of a little foray into musical culture!

There was a furore, during which time R tried to corral the lamb in the corner nearest to the German Lieder volumes which failed dismally - probably an opera loving animal! - and in desperation, and with a flailing cavalier king charles now subdued momentarily, she slammed the door shut and called her father to rescue both her, my dog, and my music room from the ire of the lamb, now trying to leap over the photocopier and make a mad break for freedom through a closed, and double glazed window!

R's hardest job of the moment was to explain to a bemused singing teacher, happily wandering among the fresh fruits and vegetables, what exactly was going on in my work space!

I arrived home in 10 minutes to a relatively peaceful house, a somewhat triumphant little dog, puffed up with battle, and a hysterically laughing teenager who later after a calming biscuit, had to wash and disinfect the mud caked floor. The copier died after it's unsuccessful sheep encounter, but all else survived, even the volume of Wolf Songs !

Something of a unique moment in my experience!

Now can I think of a sheep song ?

He Shall Feed His Flock...
Lazy Sheep Pray tell me Why....
Sheep May Safely Graze..... (but not in my music room!!!!)

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