Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Duke our newest Tenor

The Internet is very very intermittent as we get to the deepest and almost at Newfoundland part of the North Atlantic ! Perhaps the abundance of sea creatures, and possible whale song interfere with the signal !? Or maybe a giant octopus has nibbled through the cable, in a similar fashion to our loss in Paradise a few months ago.........anyhow, it is slow, slow, slow slow slow !

I had a day as slow as the internet yesterday, due to a number of very early (6am ish) mornings when some smallish children were up and bouncing on the bunks above my head, enjoying the ability to leap from bed to bed across the the cabin version of the Grand Banks ! LOUD...........

The Captain just announced that we passed directly over the Titanic wreck site around midnight last night, and a wreath is thrown onto the sea and a ships prayer said. How lovely is that.

Back to the show principals !

Our Duke was the bravest of men. In taking this role he had to play a tenor role, whilst being most definitely a baritone by nature ! He manfully faced all those top F's and came through with high flying colours ! I particularly loved the fact that he was always willing to give them a go. In the early days we planned to do some judicious editing, but in the final analysis the actual number of notes changed was around a dozen. A major triumph, and a great work out for the top of his voice, infact an Olympic style work out!

He took on the role of the rather wimpish Duke, with a will, and sang with such gusto he made it a bigger role than in actuality it is! Surely the sign of a real trooper?

N is one of the founding members of Inner Sound, having been in every production from the earliest days, and when I hear how far he has come both vocally and dramatically it is a journey of triumphs.

N, you can never again get away with telling me that a song is 'too high'. We have a hundred witnesses who will tell you otherwise. I may let you rest all the top F's for a short while for a little R&R !

You were great!

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