Thursday, 9 August 2012

The End of the Adventure

This is our last day onboard so the children are cramming in every activity possible that comes under the category called FUN. The sun is still shining so I think they are swimming in the outdoor pool having watched the slightly unusual and adult ventriloquist this morning. S said the show was full of adult jokes which, thankfully, none of the children 'got' !

We lunched in the British Pub called the Golden Lion, and the youngsters were over the moon to get fish and chips, Cumberland Sausage and Shepherd's Pie ! We kept away from there during the two weeks deliberately, in an attempt to widen the tastes of the littlies, and encourage them in a taste for asparagus and sea bass ! The pub food was met with rapturous faces, silent chomping and full tummied satisfaction. One could almost hear the happy sighs of 'back at home' !

We are the last deck to disembark tomorrow morning, which means that we don't have to leave the cabin until 8.30am ! Major yippee there, as a) I hate the usual 7am kicking out of cabin time and b) we can at least have some breakfast !

I then drive back to Sussex to pick up, and pack my car and leg my way to the Eton Choral Course accommodation for, hopefully a quiet and peaceful night's sleep, minus wriggling bunk bed wildlife ! On Saturday I masterclass for a few hours as the guest tutor.

I hope my brain, ears and swaying legs are fully intact and functioning by then !

Will let you know.

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