Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Performing Class (plus grub)

I am pleased to say that we in Paradise have missed all the terrible rain and flooding which is afflicting the rest of the UK. It seems to have swept around the country just avoiding the north west coast. Perhaps the great weather god decided to give us a break! Usually it is we who are fighting gales, and getting soaked in the heavy but largely pristine clean rainfall. Sorry everyone else!

We won't be having a public concert this term. After not being well for a week or so I am surprised how long it has taken me to feel fully recovered, and to begin rehearsals for a concert in around 4 weeks, seems like an unnecessary stress in my life at the moment. We will, however be having the Highlands and Islands equivalent of Performing Class, which we held each term at the JRAM. All one's main study students would get together and sing to each other in a warm and friendly atmosphere, without the fear of a public audience. It was a time to try out new repertoire, to be brave and take risks with music which was challenging or different from the norm.

Most of the students looked forward to this afternoon session, enjoying the opportunity to hear their peer group perform. We have our lessons each week, we work hard and make great strides technically, but often there is no outlet to perform what we have slaved over for possibly the whole term.

I suddenly had a Eureka moment in bed on Sunday night. We can do just the same here in Paradise ! The major difference of course is that in the village hall we can perform and have fun and then partake of a true Paradise feast! The Doctorate level bakers in the group will provide provender which will melt in the mouth, and our resident Bunthorne may provide us with some heavenly coffee, and those among us who can teach singing but don't know our marinade from our Mozart will bring some crisps and dips ! A small contribution but all we can manage!

I thought about this since I began teaching yesterday, and realised what a splendid bouquet of repertoire we will have. From Stradella to Mozart, via Purcell and Britten with diversions to Handel, Schubert and Vaughan Williams. We will have some humour, some heart break and a soup├žon of cute.

It will be a splendid and mostly stress free evening. How can I have never thought of it before now.

How many years have I been teaching in this beautiful place?

On with a Paradise Pupils Performing Class plus grub !

Party foooooooood......

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