Friday, 26 October 2012

The upcoming Recital and a bit of Programme Planning......

What a full week of teaching ! Or perhaps because I had two light weeks I have forgotten what a full week feels like!

Soprano L and tenor C are giving a joint recital next Tuesday, so a good deal of my thought have been occupied with putting together a programme, finding a running theme and presenting the whole in a pleasing and fluent way.

I think we have nailed it, and each singer is performing some new and challenging repertoire, along with songs firmly within their comfort zone ! It is so important when giving a recital that all the music is not new. In fact I would go as far as to say that 75% of the programme ought to be well known and has been sung out a number of times.

This means that one only has the emotional tightness of new stuff gently intermingled with the warm glow of being safe in one's known world. It also means that each time one gives a recital to a different audience, a small tweak to a couple of known old favourites plus the addition of a couple of brand new songs is all that is required.

Being on show is terrifying enough, having the horror of all new stuff is very frightening. In my teaching I have come across many young singers who assume that using well tried repertoire is somehow cheating ? No No No ! We want our audience to hear us at our best and most relaxed, if that is possible, so they can sit back and relax themselves! Audiences don't pay for a ticket to feel nervous, because they sense it from the performer!

L and C's programme is going beautifully, it is full of gorgeous music, but at this moment I am sworn to secrecy as to the actual content. All I will say is that they work so well together one would make the assumption they has been 'recitaling' in tandem for the last 10 years !

Those who will be listening live will have a wonderful evening! I will write a review here for those who can only read about it.

Roll on Tuesday !

The Recital Pair in Patience mode !

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