Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lisbon and a Movie Fest

We docked into Lisbon harbour at 10am this morning and the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I had opted not to take an organised excursion and spent a long and lazy balcony breakfast deciding whether to get off the ship and take the Princess Shuttle Bus into the centre of the city. I got ready and decided I would risk a walk outside around lunchtime, but sadly the sky had clouded over and the drizzle had started.

To be honest the harbour area was a bit lifeless and dull, but in fairness to Lisbon all harbour areas tend to be a bit utilitarian and a place where cranes abound! One thing I did see in my short promenade walk was the prettiest pigeon I have encountered in many years. The prom area was a walkway with around 15 bars and restaurants, many of which were closed for winter, but some were persevering, and had kept their doors open despite the blast of winter rolling in off the sea. The shivering waitresses were taking refuge under the covered umbrellas, and I saw not one single patron in any of the establishments.

I rapidly returned to the ship and sat in the Piazza recovering from the cold with a bowl of Shitake Soup and a medicinal Hot Chocolate with cream. This was necessary preparation for the film fest upon which I was about to embark ! So the rest of my Grand Princess Cruise Day was filled with watching 'Prometheus' in the Theatre, and 'The Hunger Games' in the Vista Lounge. A double whammy indeed with an interval of light refreshments including chicken and cashew nut Waldorf Salad, and a risk free on the sugar front dessert called Strawberry Timbale.

Fully sated with movies and the odd snake like alien I went to my bed a happy woman!

Gosh I am easily pleased !

PS - The captain announced at 4.30pm just a minute before sailing that we were " 7 lost sheep short, and he hoped they would find home in the next few minutes or sadly we would have to sail without them!" The ship only waits if the ship organised excursions are delayed - not private tours taken by passengers. I still have no idea if the said lost sheep returned to the fold!?

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