Saturday, 15 December 2012

Repertoire and more repertoire

I had an excellent teaching week, and it is so good to be back to 'normality' so to speak. My pupils had clearly been working very hard, and that showed is some great work in progress performances of a variety of repertoire.

Some of these songs included really 'grown up ' music such as En Priere by Faure, sung much better than my playing, and a gorgeous Little Road to Bethlehem by Michael Head, an all time festive favourite of mine. I also had a beautiful performance of The Pirates Song by a small singer, and a lovely sweet The Path to the Moon, which after the small voice has not seen me for 6 weeks seems to have grown so much we needed to put it up a whole tone! A very dynamic rendering of Non Piu Andrai was forthcoming, and a delightful Second Minuet.

My pianists played with confidence and panache, and surprised me enormously as to how much practise they had done over the weeks, and there were some very breezy jazzy numbers as well as heartfelt Chopin !

All of these pieces and many more will be performed with no pressure guaranteed, tomorrow at a Come and Perform to each Other couple of hours in the small village hall where we rehearse, and I am really looking forward to hearing everyone.

We will conclude with Christmas goodies to eat, and all go home feeling pleased with ourselves - or else!

There was lots of other music this week, which it was a joy for me to hear.

Boy I miss you all when I am on extended tours of duty away from Paradise !

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