Thursday, 3 January 2013

Fantastic reviews!


How proud is Inner Sound of our resident star of stage and panto, Lorayne !

Lots of us made the journey over to Inverness to see her play Jill Skinflint, leading love interest and Squire Skinflint's daughter! She shone in every way, even after two performances each day for over 7 weeks, was funny, witty and sang beautifully.

I thought i would ask a few of those who went to write their own reviews of the pantomime, so it is not just moi who writes on the website, so here we go............

I thought the panto was brilliant. It was really professionally done with loads of good dialogue and some pretty funny jokes. The scenery was stunning and the costumes were amazing. I really liked the wee dancers who were having the time of their lives up on stage, and thought the Demon King was excellent. But the star of the show was Jill Skinflint who looked and sounded gorgeous throughout the show, was perfectly cast with her lovely smile and twinkly eyes, and did us all proud. Well done Lorayne - you were totally fabulous!

submitted by PN

" The Panto was great fun - Lorayne was wonderful in this professional role - lively, attractive, she sang beautifully although we would like to have heard more!
submitted by AP

‘Mother Goose was great fun, and Lorayne as Jill or principal girl was splendid. She sang and acted with such skill and enthusiasm and as if she had not already done 12 or so shows that week, it must be such incredibly hard work! Truly delightful performance from our ‘Patience’!
submitted by PW

We had a fantastic afternoon at Eden Court panto - a superb production. It was a wonderful mix of humour, full of jokes and slapstick and laughter, great story lines, superb sets and costumes - a real family show across all age groups. Of course we had all eyes on our Loyrane and she was just brilliant – really shone and her singing was truly lovely, she’s a great actress and just perfect for the part. I thought she was a real pro!!
submitted by EG

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