Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pirates of Penzance and an AGM

We had our Inner Sound AGM this evening. It is such a pleasure when the members, who generally get together for concerts and rehearsals, can have a boring old AGM meeting and still have fun, and make it a happy occasion ! I am so dreadful at the whole protocol bit, and thus I am eternally glad when others, far more qualified than myself, step into the breach and offer their talents and disciplining abilities! I can discipline extremely well in my own field, but meetings and committees and such leave me floundering a bit.

We have a new chairman, treasurer and secretary ( well two secretaries!) and two youngsters who found themselves co opted onto the committee in a social capacity, and representing our vibrant youth members. They did look a bit bewildered, but it is good for them to know how these things work, and to feel valued in a more adult way. Well that's my theory!

L and N could not make it over for lessons today due to heavy snow on the east coast of Scotland, they did give it a go but had to turn back. We still managed a quorum at the meeting however, so no problems there!

Our leading lady L, is finally in hospital recovering from a long awaited op, so she is out of commission for a few weeks, and our wonderful coffee maestro tenor is gallivanting in Canada, and our past Chairman and Treasurer were unable to be with us........but we did it, with or without we can function and make decisions. The sign of a tight and caring group I think.

This year's show is the Pirates of Penzance, and folk are much excited by that, and there was a good deal of jovial badinage about it. We have decided to go for five shows instead of four, including an all new venue in Ullapool, further north than we have ever sung! I already feel my mind mulling over what I want in the way of costumes, sets and eras, and wonder if I can find a new twist on the show. It needs to be in period I think, but it is no bad thing to add a bit of musical 'chilli' into the mix and really make it fizz. Pirates is so much a favourite, it sells itself and is generally loved by performers and audiences alike. It has some of the best music that Sullivan ever wrote, and fair bubbles along with joy and jollity.

'Pour oh Pour the Pirate Sherry' or at least a strong cup of tea!

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