Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sad News and much to do

Just a short post to apologise for not posting for awhile. My 91 year old father passed away peacefully at the end of last week. It was calm and quiet and over in a very short time.

I am happy for him even though it was something of a shock when the phone call came. I had spoken to him on his phone the prior evening, when he was bright and quite happy.

In the last three months or so he always ended his phone calls with the words 'I will always love you'. I think he was very aware that his time was coming, and he wanted to make sure he had said his goodbyes.

I am off on Thursday to complete some booked work, as the funeral cannot be fitted in for a couple of weeks.

He was a great father, and a loyal and good friend to many of my students both past and present.

Goodnight Dad, sleep well.

Taken on his 90th birthday

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