Thursday, 28 February 2013

Climbing Over Rocky Mountains

I suddenly realised that if I purchased a 'dongle' I might be able to have internet, so promptly as I arrived home, I bought said technology online, and here I am with internet on my laptop. What a miracle indeed, I feel back in the land of the living, and the odd thing is the speed from the dongle is twice as fast as any wi fi I have had from my phone line ?

Perhaps a mobile phone and a dongle is now all I really need ? Watch this space.

I have had a hectic few days teaching, and a great Pirates rehearsal already this week. Inner Sound are making a tremendously big and warm sound in the jolly choruses in the show, and it helps enormously that half the group have done it before and are simply enjoying themselves having a rip roaring, rollicking time on a Tuesday evening! It is so good to see and hear.

Our young leading lady L is finally back to singing, and so much fitter after her operation, my wonderful young mezzo M, who sang last in Pinafore, is making her comeback as a Prince Charming Frederick, and our dark and powerful young Bass Baritone L is singing a mighty Major General. The younger girl roles are so well filled by R and a newcomer M, as well as L's sister N who has stepped in as the final girl role, and is thrilled to be doing so. It is my favourite of all the Gilbert and Sullivan shows, the fast paced fun hides within it's zesty feel, some of the most tricky music to really sing. Poor Wandering One is so often butchered, to sing it well it needs so much technique to produce a really cracking performance, I defy all but the best sopranos to bring it off successfully ! As for the trios in Act 2, the singers need excellent breathing, very good intonation and a real sense of pace changing to make it work as a scene.

I am looking at a million pictures on the venerable Google, to be inspired for an Edwardian lady and girl's costume, and this weekend I must design a set, so the intrepid set builders can set too and construct a magical Cornish coastline, complete with ' rocky mountain ' over which my more athletic girls will climb, to make their first entry !

'Go ye Heroes, go to Glory!'

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