Friday, 15 March 2013

Horizon Hotel to Sussex. The journey continues.......

It feels like Frodo's continuing journey ! I left my superb and utterly hospitable Horizon Hotel in Ayr after a leisurely breakfast around 10 am, and was on the road to the Deep South of England in the blink of an eye. I am now on my way to the Brighton Springboard Festival via my daughter's in Petworth. I was hoping to be able to stay in Brighton for the middle evening, but it turns out that I am finished on both Saturday and Sunday by 5 pm so I assume the numbers in the solo singing classes must not be great. It seems such a pity, as Brighton is such a vibrant centre for the Arts, but clearly not of the amateur type,

Essentially it means an hour or more there and back on the ends of the day, so a very early start!

I am extraordinarily gutted that this is the final weekend of the Six Nations Rugby, and I will have to watch recorded matches of these most crucial matches.

Seven years in a boys school in my early career gave me an unlikely passion for the game, and I am an avid and dedicated watcher of the game. One day I will go to Twickers and feel the atmosphere, even though I am sure one gets a much better view on the TV. The boys always raved about the whole thing. Infact, the then headmaster once remarked to me that watching the G & S shows we did at school, had all the sound and excitement of a rugby match. This, you understand was the highest possible praise we in the department could ever have been given, lavish affirmation indeed.

The boys loved it because I shipped in girls from the Junior Academy, and some local private pupils for these extravaganzas, and many an innocent liaison grew between the genders.

I am sitting in my favourite coffee stop at Todhills, where the coffee is excellent, and the wifi is fast and free. The strains of my Ayrshire choirs are still buzzing around my head, and I hope the final groups of the Primary 4 -6 groups were as stunning today as they were during my days there.

I can think of no reason why they would not be however !

PS. Heaven help the person or persons who tells me the results before I watch. Beware the adjudicator's fury !


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