Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mozart's Alleluia and an 'almost home' Thai feast

The vocal championship was great. 14 singers from 8years old to adult, and all winners. Not too many festivals could furnish a final with so many top notch winners - well done Swindon.

I plumped for the magnificent Alleluia by Mozart, sung by a very talented young woman who seemed to be able to cover all technical bases. The thing which impressed me was her fine coloratura in the runs, strong, flexible and light, and also the fact that she took on board a little tip I had offered re singing the vowel Ah! If one thinks of it as being the capital letter R, rather than Ah, suddenly the sound is more focused and forward. She did exactly that, and it was even more impressed than when I heard her in her own class.

She was very closely followed by the young lady who gave us the scene from Oliver, with such panache, and such strength. It was a masterful final, so many of the performances could have been winners in finals elsewhere, but of course this is entirely down to good teaching. Swindon is simply swimming with good teaching.

I am now on my very last leg. I go to Godalming again this evening for the adult choirs, and then I AM FINISHED ! Oh joy and rapture. I set off home tomorrow and have booked the lovely Travelodge at Cumbernauld Glasgow. There is a fine Thai restaurant right next door, and just once in awhile I treat myself to a lovely meal when I arrive. It may be a bit arrogant, but after such a long and arduous festival 'run', I really feel as if I have earned it.

Three days after I return I start my two weeks of Skye Song School, so I feel a rather indulgent meal is ok, it's very much onwards and upwards on the Masterclassing front soon.

I am so lucky however, I earn my living from doing what I love the most.

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