Sunday, 31 March 2013

Song School 2013 begins.......

I sit in the cafe at Inverness Airport awaiting the arrival of the 5.15 pm flight from London Luton. I am collecting our lovely pianist for the commencement of the Paradise Song School at 10.10am tomorrow!


We always warm up for 10 minutes, even those who will have to wait for a number of hours before it is their slot for singing. I think a good vocal blowout in the morning is good for the health and well being of the singers! Indeed I suspect it would be good for everybody, if they were in a position to allow their voices to be liberated!


I will try to post whilst we are working for the next two weeks, but forgive me if I am too tired and need to fall into bed when I arrive home each evening! They are long days, hard work, but so very rewarding, both for the singers and me !


Yet again, I can only rejoice that my earnings come from that which I love the most ! Happy Easter to you all.



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