Sunday, 21 April 2013

Therapy resumes tomorrow

My quiet week is over, and tomorrow it is back to work! I always assume that I will not want to return to teaching, and in truth, after so much work since the end of February, I wanted a break, a song free zone, and a lot of sleep!

I now feel almost back to normal, and infact I know that when I return to my music room and play the first accompaniment to the first set of scales I will resume normal service and be very glad to be back, thankful I do a job I love, and thankful that I have a job at all !

I, and most of my colleagues in this business realise with some humility that we are, in essence, in the leisure industry. We are a luxury and definitely not a necessity. In these tough economic times, if one has to choose between filling the car with petrol, or paying for a singing lesson, there really is no competition. The petrol or the Co op bill must come first.

I am truly astounded sometimes when I realise how folk manage to find the cash for something which, whilst pleasurable and fulfilling, is, on the whole a bit of a fluffy nonsense in the great scheme of things ? That is why I try very hard to make sure I always give value for money !

I have, however, always thought that singing is as much a therapy as a joy, and a good deal cheaper perhaps than a psychotherapist ! Thankfully the therapy is in the music, not in my words !

What a relief!

Onwards and upwards, exams, show,'s all go !



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