Monday, 27 May 2013

How Beautifully Blue the Sky

Goodness ! I'm back home, a long Sunday rehearsal behind me, and back to the teaching day! I did not update anymore about my Masterclassing, apologies for that, but I will tell a little more, as when performances are quality work they really do stick in the mind and ears.

Two young ladies of tender years sang to me, C and E, both cannot be more than a smidgin over 12, and golly did they do well. The material was so beautifully chosen and so easily within their as yet slender capacities, that we could work on the presenting of the song as much as the technique. At their ages, technique is a gentle and nurturing game, which is why, I suspect, many singing teachers avoid teaching the under 16's.

We had a great Tell me Lovely Shepherd by William Boyce, and after young C relaxed and was not quite so fearful, I sent her off around the room with a 'shepherd' whom she really could question! 'Tell me where......' she asks, and this young lady did so. She has a most delightfully ringing top on her voice. Round and big, with so much potential for the future, as with her partner in age, E. She sang some very mature Scarlatti with a real sense of musicianship and a fat warmth in her youthful tone quality. I was so impressed by her very grown up approach to the music, the language and the style. What a pair of joys to teach!

I arrived home late Saturday evening after a gloriously sunny drive from Yorkshire and whacked straight into a three hour Pirates rehearsal on Sunday afternoon. We needed to crack on with the moves, I felt it was time for the director's whip to be wielded ! Actually it went well and I think we covered much mileage.

Tomorrow night we start with the fiendish How Beautifully Blue the Sky, from Act 1 girls entrance, it is a killer, and so will I be if the females have not got it together by tomorrow night!

Death by G&S.......


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