Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Intermediate Recital Certificate and one brave lady

Into another week now ! How time flies when one is enjoying oneself! The cold is more or less gone, and thankfully my student A, who is having treatment which disallows her from meeting up with coldy and fluey folk managed to come for a lesson yesterday, and I only sneezed twice ! We kept the doors and windows open, so any germs were blown away into then breeze and sun.

We have decided to keep her entry for an exam going, even though her treatment means a week or so of awful symptoms, then a slow recover into normality, whatever that is ! She has had a couple of,lessons, and apart from the side effects of some mushy brain and memory, her voice sounds as vibrant and warm as ever it did. She is taking the Trinity Guildhall Intermediate Recital Certificate, and that means a long 20 minute sing, with a programme consisting of around 7 songs and arias.

This lady is mighty brave. I am astonished that she finds the will and determination to give it her all. The programme is a weighty one and includes Lascia chio Pianga, Handel, Bist du bei Mir, Bach, and a couple of English Art songs, The Sky above the Roof by Vaughan Williams and the wonderous Britten arrangement of Down by the Salley Gardens, which is one of my all time favourites. The sadly repeating chords under the melody line are quite heart breaking. Interestingly I sang this at my daughter's wedding, at her request !

Then A finishes her recital with some lighter moments, a gorgeous Novello song and a G&S song sung by Phoebe in The Yeoman of the Guard.

A big old sing, and she is doing just brilliantly. All power to your elbow A. I take my musical hat off to you!

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  1. What a lovely selection of pieces!
    Well done to the brave Miss A! :)