Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Taking a breath and taking stock

It is such a gloriously sunny day here, I am sitting eating my breakfast out in the garden, no midgie's are biting as yet, and the air is filled with singing blackirds and chaffinches and the hum of very large bumble bees feasting on the nectar inside my fast opening flowers.

A day like this was my absolute dream during the time I was in my final London days. Then all I could think of was a distant vision of having the ability to work at home, travel to jobs at my choice and live in a place as beautiful as Paradise. So dreams do come true a couple of times in one's life !

Today I start teaching at 12.15 and work through until around 6.30pm then have a short break before heading off for a show rehearsal. Although getting older is not a joy in many ways, in others it is just fine and dandy. I make all my own life and work decisions, which means my pace is my own and more importantly, I am answerable to nobody along a chain of hierarchy. That in itself is a priceless byproduct of taking the plunge and getting out of the musical rat race which was my 'unnatural' home for so many years.

I have no targets to make, or % pass marks to attain, and yet my students all continue to exceed their own expectations, and the qualifications keep on a coming ! I was shown a programme from the first time we performed Pirates of Penzance last night. It showed that 7 or 8 years ago when we did it, I had to bring up 11 singers from London to help out in the chorus, and every single principal role except the Police Sargeant ! This time only one principal is being imported, and I even have the redoubtable A doubling the role with my young bass baritone L.

Now how about that for a earth moving shift ? The entire company bar one is homegrown, with principals as fine as I have had anywhere, with strength and depth through the the whole company, and yet able to incorporate a wheelchair Major General, some rather more elderly and wounded pirates who prefer, nowadays, not to dance, and all ages from 7 to over 70 ! Indeed in itself the whole company is a Paradise miracle !

So, has the move from the dark early morning commute, to a leisurely breakfast in the garden been worth it ? On all counts a resounding YES.

Phew !

I wonder what surprises lay in the future on this life journey ?

Home Sweet Home


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