Sunday, 16 June 2013

Teamwork and Grateful Thanks to my Team !

Here I am, in Petworth and after a small cinema diversion this afternoon, ready for the Horsham Performers Platform tomorrow. My daughter was at her Choir Dinner at school last night, so I did not see her until this morning ! She runs the Chapel, Vocal Ensemble and Prep School Choirs at her place of employment, and although I probably seem biased, she has dragged the standard and quality of the choral and solo singing up from the depths of a musical swamp, to the heights of a great choral water fountain !

Making music, and singing be a 'cool' and 'normal' part of the school week is a long and tough haul, but I have done it a number of times, and she is doing it nowadays. She has a most enthusiastic and dedicated band of singers, both girls and boys, and a growing number of prep school aged children who will simply grow up thinking it is the most normal and enjoyable thing in the world.

An annual Seaford Choir event. Raising money in London for people with learning difficulties.

A real Team joy for everyone!

I suppose the downside of that is that very occasionally one of the home grown from age 8 singers begins to think it is boring and has been so much a part of life that it holds no interest anymore ! I, too have suffered from that scenario ! It is a great shame when that happens, and one needs to weed out that ambivelant attitude as soon as possible! It is like Typhus, very very infectious, and before one knows it, the team has become infected!

My daughter S is in herself more on the 'cool' side than ever I was ! She can be seriously infectious herself, and so, I don't see too much of a problem for her in that area for a good many years to come ! The Chapel Choir are just great, I have written a few arrangements for them, which have been performed with beauty, enthusiasm and, if needed, lots of gusto!

Talking of arrangements, I have, of late been thinking that I must write another. Sometimes I get a burst of inspiration and hear a tune which just begs to have added parts, lovely voices and a hint of spice. This is my last trip away working until September, when I go 'nunning' to Wass, high on the beautiful Moors of Yorkshire, and even though the show is filling my mind and body almost to overflowing, I think I may take a few moments of Time Out, and write something new, and totally unconnected to Pirates of Penzance !

I do want to say a huge and double forte debt of gratitude to the team who manned our Sale of Work in Paradise yesterday. It is rather a thankless task, I know, but you raised a magnificent amount of money for the expenses of the show. I am sorry I was not with you, but all the way down the M6 I had you in my thoughts ! You did us proud and that sort of team effort is just as important as the stage team effort.

Infact, TEAM is my word of the day. Join it and enjoy.




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